With a San Diego SEO Company, avoid these four easy SEO mistakes


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No one wants to get their site penalized by Google or other search engines. They do all their best to fetch traffic, improve ranking, enhance brand awareness and increase business sales. While optimizing your site for search engines, especially Google, you along with your SEO agency do your best. However, some of the efforts that you do with positive intention can make your site penalized if any error occurs.

In my personal real life experience, I, an offshore provider of SEO Services San Diego, have come across the mistakes that businesses make with good intention, but lead them to get penalized. Here are the mistakes with the right solutions:

  1. Affiliate programs:

Affiliate linking is the one that can help your SEO campaign or kill it. It mainly depends on you how you implement it. Most of marketers scratch their heads how to deal with affiliate links. The solutions are as follows:

  • Make your affiliate relationship with the trusted provider
  • Develop a dedicated landing page for the affiliate program
  • Keep testing all the affiliate links on a regular basis

Take the support of a professional San Diego SEO Company if you find it hard to do yourself.

  1. Guest blogging:

Most of the businesses ask the influencers to write blogs for their site with an intention of drawing visitors. Guest blog is great if it is done rightly, as it is not free with dangers. The best solution to make it profitable for your SEO campaign is that you need to be very careful where you do guest blogging.

  1. Influencer outreach:

As a powerful SEO strategy, it helps you reap maximum benefits of SEO Services San Diego. You know it sometimes works just fine, as you find most of the influencers in a particular niche. You contact them and request one of them to get link juice and audience exposure. It is great, but you need to get the one with high-authority niche to have maximum benefits.

  1. Link-based business relationship:

Most of you, business owners, develop a business relationship with other businesses. You do it with an offer to create links to each other in order to enhance your SEO campaign and get traffic. Sometimes, it done with good intention hurts the one or both of you. The best solution is that you should have the actual link removal instead of a simple domain disowning.

Get in touch with Reontek, a leading offshore San Diego SEO Company, to manage these four mistakes.


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