Rank High in 2018 with These 5 Simple SEO Tips

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The Year 2017 has gone and the New Year 2018 has knocked the door. In the last year, businesses adopted new ways to promote their services/products. In addition, the year also changed the way to get better ranks on search engines via SEO. In the New Year 2018, you need to know the tips that can work and help you rank high. Here are five of them for your support:

  1. Do optimization for handheld devices

Unlike last year, mobile will rule the Internet. You need to make sure your business website is optimized for handheld devices like Smartphone and Tablet. It is more possible that your audience/customers is not located in one particular city or country. The customers use different devices such as laptop/Smartphone or tablet to access the web. Therefore, it is essential for you to optimized your site for these devices. You can get support from an offshore SEO Company UK in this regard.

  1. Value social content

With the advancement of time, the content from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn will be more valuable for search engine result pages (SERPs). In fact, more than 75% marketing professionals use social media content to boost their SEO. Make to the best effort at your level to rank high this year.

  1. Give importance to voice search

While being on the way, people use voice search. This is done by mobile users. In this search, the users have not to type keywords to do a search query. In forthcoming days, most of the Smartphones will have such a function. Therefore, you need to make sure that your content especially website content is searchable through voice search commands.

  1. Enrich your site content with videos

Videos leave great impact on users, as they keep the users engaged and entertained. In addition, videos help you appear on search engines. You can comprehend it with a recent study. According to it, 62% searches conducted on Google are for videos. Therefore, it is a good idea to make videos of your web content. You support your business site rank high if you develop and upload relevant videos as well. Take support of an offshore provider of SEO Services UK if you find it hard to do it yourself.

  1. Aggregate your content

More than 80% of searches conducted on Google are for news, images, social media, videos, local, maps, wiki, products and services. Based on these statistics, I say that people conduct searches for sources that can offer information on a certain subject or topic. Therefore, it is essential to note that content aggregation is a great way of sharing, displaying, consolidating, presenting and collating content on pre-determined criteria to appeal a larger target market.

In brief, I request you to give importance to social media, content aggregation, videos, voice search and mobile optimization if you are serious to rank high in 2018. Not sure how to do it for the business you are running in the UK, hire an offshore SEO Company UK, such as Reontek, and let it do all these on your behalf. I am sure you will benefit from this.