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Search Engine Optimization is a technique known for bringing organic or natural traffic to the website. Organic or natural traffic means the visitors that have come to the site seeing our search results on search engines rather than seeing a paid ad.

Paid results VS Organic results

The distinguishing factor between the traffic attained through paid and organic medium are as follows:

Time Frame: Paid advertising such as search ads, display ads on search engines gives instant traffic to the site. Higher you spent, you get placed better in ad position and the more traffic you get. But through Search Engine Optimization, organic traffic does not lead to instant traffic. To get Best SEO Service, it takes time to optimize the search results for your site and gradually increases the traffic to the site.

Money Spent: Money spent on PPC advertising is much higher than on Search Engine Optimization. Henceforth, traffic through paid mediums is called as paid traffic and that through search results is called organic traffic. To give your budget a right direction, opt for the SEO Companies in India.

Effect Time: Paid advertising has short term effects i.e., till the paid ads continue to run, traffic is acquired, but, as soon as it is stopped traffic diminishes. Opposite is the case with Search Engine Optimization. A single penny is not spent on bringing traffic to the site, rather the search results of the website are improved through SEO techniques and the traffic gradually increases. It has a great long-term effect when the website achieves top ranking on search engine results.

PPC and SEO Services In India

PPC and SEO have different ways of working and giving results, but they can go hand-in-hand. Yes! PPC helps in branding as well and increasing visibility till the time SEO improves the page ranking. PPC is a terrific way of remarketing while the SEO brings new traffic to the site. Both techniques require great hold on traffic oriented keywords in relevance of our business but the PPC promotes them through advertising and SEO promotes them through off-page and on-page optimization.

SEO Experts for Best SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization done on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo requires an expert command. SEO techniques should not be violating the search engine policies and should be in terms of latest algorithm updates. There are some of the leading SEO Companies In India such as Reontek IT Systems, known for providing affordable SEO Services in India and other countries like US, UK.