What to opt from DIY, In-House or an SEO Company in Bangalore for your SEO?


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For your online business, you have decided to run an SEO campaign, as you are not getting the success you expect. And when it comes to execute out the work done, you have three options – DIY (Do It Yourself), In-House and an agency. To make it clear which is better for you, have a look at all of these three options.

DIY/Do It Yourself:

Keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization requires consistency and regular monitoring. Instead of hiring a firm for SEO Services in Bangalore, you need to educate yourself about SEO and its aspects in theory as well as practical if you choose DIY. The aspects you need to learn are as follows:

  • Technical SEO
  • Market/competitive analysis
  • Link building
  • Schema markup
  • Data mining
  • Advertising
  • Writing
  • Web metrics
  • Social media

As a business owner, you have to decide that it possible to invest time in learning SEO at first before optimizing your site for search engines. If yes, you will be unable to pay proper attention to other business operational works.


For this option, you will have to hire digital marketing executives, content writers and allied professionals along with the requisite infrastructural setup. You will have to conduct interviews for the selection of these professional and pay salary to them every month. This can be a costlier option for you.

A professional SEO Company in Bangalore:

This is the best option to go with. In this option, you escape yourself from time and effort investment. In addition, you do not need to develop infrastructural setup and hire the digital marketers. Just you need to invest some of your valuable time in the begging to find a professional and reputed firm. By having a look at the tactics being applied in optimizing sites, market reputation, industry existence, clients’ feedback, availability of allied services, SEO packages and an estimated time for bringing results, you can easily hire the best one for your SEO campaign.

In brief, I like to state that you need to be very careful and punctual whatever the option you choose. In case of a professional firm for SEO Services in Bangalore, you should invest some of your valuable time to review the received reports and take the required steps so that you can make your campaign successful.


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