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Have you started running your Search Engine Optimization campaign? If yes, I am sure you will want to know how your campaign is going on and where you need to make improvements to fetch better results.

I know you will find tracking the progress difficult, as you have no sound practical knowledge. However, you can do it with the SEO Company in Mumbai, which is managing your Search Engine Optimization campaign. The firm will help you in this regard by emailing you the tracking report once in a week, fortnight or month. You can do the followings to track and measure the results:

  • Keyword rankings:

Do not get limited to looking at where your site is for a list of certain keywords. Never make it a final destination. Go beyond it with your hired firm of SEO Services in Mumbai. Try to get a rough idea of where your site is for core terms. This will be a useful indicator for your site’s health on the Internet. Keep in mind your ultimate goal should be more relevant traffics. Use Google Analytics and allied other tools for tracking keyword rankings.

  • Organic traffic:

Organic traffic is a much better indicator of the overall health of your business site and the efforts you are making to optimize it. With the support of a professional SEO Company in Mumbai, you can get a gauge for the real volume of visitors visiting your site and you can know where they are going on your site by looking at the organic traffic to your business site. Ask the firm to support you in using Google Analytics or similar tools.

  • Organic leads & sales:

You know getting the site ranked on search engines and huge traffic to it is not enough. You need a significant change in lead generation and increase in sales. Your primary way to measure your SEO results must be actual leads, revenue, sales and profit. With the support of your hired professional firm offering SEO Services in Mumbai or yourself, you can know; when, how and from where actual leads are coming, what to do for making improvements and how to lead the sector.      

In brief, you should educate yourself or get trained on how to track & measure the results for your SEO efforts. Your hired SEO Company Mumbai or Google Analytics will be your best friend here.


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