Know some search engine facts before hiring SEO Services in Mumbai

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You have been running your new business for around 1 year. However, you have not notice significant changes even after you made it online. Now, you decide to increase your web traffic and hence, you are in search of a professional firm offering Search Engine Optimization Services.

Before you go ahead to make a final decision on hiring a professional SEO Company in Mumbai, I like to advise you attain some basic concepts and know the facts. This will help you making a winning SEO plan or strategy and you will have your desired results. Here are some facts that you should know:

  • The number of searches conducted per day favors Google:

Have a look at the searches conducted on popular search engines:

Search Engines Number of searches conducted per day
Google 4,464,000,000
Bing 873,964,000
Baidu 583,520,803
Yahoo 536,101,505
Others 128,427,264


  • Mobile is the main device for searches:

It was the year 2016 when the number of searches done on Smartphone surpassed the number of searches done on computers (desktop and laptop).

  • Search traffic is more for online stores than social media:

We all know traffic comes from an extensive range of sources. However, the search brings more traffic to shopping sites in comparison with social networking sites.

  • Google is the leader in mobile search market: 
Search Engines Search Market Share
Google 53%
Yahoo 7%
Bing 1%


  • The number of search engine users is increasing:

As per recent report, 213.6 million search engine users were in the USA in 2014. This is going up to 236.4 million by 2019. In the same time, mobile search will be around 216 million.

  • The expenditure on Google Shopping Ads is rising:

Due to some changes in Search Engine Result Pages, the expenditure on Google Shopping Ads has grown to 43%.

  • Social media contribution would be lesser than you think:

In the 2nd quarter of 2017, social media accounted for 3.1 % of site visits. Facebook being the biggest contributor to site visits deliver 63% of total traffic in comparison with other social platforms.

Some other important facts that you should know before availing SEO Services in Mumbai:

  • The paid search landscape keeps changing
  • For local businesses, mobile search is critical
  • Digital spend will surpass TV spend by 2020
  • Voice search is natural on handheld devices
  • Voice search is becoming prominent

Loading speed is very important. A single second delay can cause 7% loss.


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