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As a digital marketer, I hope you would be familiar with SEO and its importance. You would be planning to optimize your old/new business site so that you can have more & more traffic to your site and increased sales. If you determined to run an SEO campaign for your business site, you need to focus on keywords, titles and descriptions that are still big three in optimizing a site. Have a close look on these three here:

– Keywords:

There are no SEO Services in Melbourne or anywhere in the world without keywords. A set of relevant keywords are the center of all the Search Engine Optimization campaigns. The keywords are a group of words or word phrases used to make searches by the users on search engines and the proper use of the same helps your site appear on the SERPs (search engine result pages). Before you start optimizing your site, prepare a list of keywords relevant to your business. Use the keywords properly in your web content and the articles or blogs you will use to create links.

– Title:

You know the title of your website appears in the window of the browser used by the users to browse sites. In addition, the title appears on the SERPs, bookmarks and several other places. To make the title right, take these steps:

  • Include the important keyword/keywords in the title
  • Keep the title short, but attractive
  • Make the title descriptive

Take support of the professionals working at an SEO Company Melbourne if you do not how to create a catchy title for your web pages and the articles/blogs being used for optimizing your site.

– Description:

The description is the one that is displayed in search engine listing when a user makes his/her search by typing a keyword or word phrase in the search bar. You need to create a great description for every page of your website. The steps you can follow are:

  • Make use of the most important keywords
  • Keep your writing tight
  • Include a call to action to encourage people to click your link on SERPs

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