Be familiar with the types of keywords used by an SEO Company UAE in a business marketing campaign


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We already know keyword is the heart of a Search Engine Optimization campaign. Without a suitable keyword or a set of keywords, it is hard to optimize a business site for search engines and no business can have a stronger presence on the digital means.

Before you go ahead in hiring SEO Services UAE, you should know the keyword types in the way of educating yourself. Here are three major types of keywords for your education on Search Engine Optimization:

  • Generic keywords:

Being very generic in approach, these keywords are highly competitive. By using them, it is hard for a business site to rank higher on search engines. However, these keywords are used in the secondary keywords to cover all the potentialities. With these, the website gets a fair share of traffic. Most of the marketers avoid using generic keywords until they do many promotions via blogs. Examples are red lipstick and DSLR camera.

  • Broad match keywords:

These are a bit more specific in approach and have less competition. A professional SEO Company UAE prefers using such keywords, as these are easy to rank. Such a keyword is used by the user who looks for more specific information on a desired topic, product or service. Examples are – Mac peach red lipstick and Canon 1200d DSLR camera.

  • Long tail keywords:

These are the love of each content marketer, as these are the most particular set of keywords that leaves no space for guesswork. The marketer using such keywords is sure that the user is well aware of what he is looking for a specific result. With the use of such keywords, the potentiality of an increase in the sale is very higher.

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