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Day-by-day the demand of strong and ethical SEO is rising. Every business whether it is a start-up, mid or established one makes the use of Search Engines Optimization optimize the site for search engines and be available before the customers making searches of the products/services of their need.

As a conscious business owner, you also hire an SEO Company Singapore and ask its representatives to market your business site. You know optimizing a site is not possible with the use of unique, relevant and engaging content. The importance of the content in Search Engine Optimization is rising and becoming popular. Here are 5 stats that can make you comprehend it why content is the king:

  • It is the most important factor in the effectiveness of SEO:

In a June 2014 survey, 57% of digital marketing executives accepted that content creation was the most effective strategy for Search Engine Optimization. The percentage of such marketers increased in 2015 and 72% executives made it as the base of their SEO strategies. Gradually, the percentage has reached up to 98% and almost all of the firms offering SEO Services Singapore give priority to content creation in their internet marketing strategy.

  • Most of the links and shares goes up due to content:

Whatever the links created and shares are done, they contain content (written texts, images, videos, and infographics). With high quality content and regular post/submission, your SEO campaign bears fruits and helps your site rank higher.

  • A large number of successful businesses count content creation and search as one:

As per a survey of 2013, 66% of the most successful businesses engage search in their content creation. With the support of a professional SEO Company Singapore, you can also have unique, relevant and engaging content for your Search Engine Optimization campaign.

  • More content, more indexed pages:

A business, which has a regular blog post, has 434% more indexed pages. It is stated in a survey conducted in 2016. It means you must have a blog for your business and you should keep it updated with new posts.

  • Quality content, but not quantity:

For a better output from SEO Services Singapore, you must focus on quality rather than quantity. Whatever you post or submit while optimizing your business site, the content must be unique and the post/submission should be done on a regular basis.


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