Avoid these 4 mobile SEO mistakes that can Kill Your Conversions

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We are in the world in which more searches are conducted on Smartphone in comparison with desktop/laptop. This makes it essential for all businesses to adopt mobile strategies for accelerating their business expansion. However, most of the businesses comprehend this fact, only a few of them offer seamless mobile experience to their visitors. It happens, as they make mistakes while running mobile SEO campaign for their business. Here are the mistakes that you should not make:

  1. Do not take care of site speed:

You know most of the people leave visiting the site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. A one-second delay in loading the site causes you around 7% reduction in your conversions. It affects conversion a lot how your site uploads.

In addition, site speed is also a factor in ranking on search engines. It means your site will not appear on search engines like Google if it takes a lot of time in loading. Ask your Dallas SEO Company to have a check on your site speed and request to improve the speed.

  1. Inclusion of intrusive interstitials:

In mobile search, Google values higher user experience and intrusive interstitials are the one that affects user experience. With high interstitials, your business site finds it hard to get ranked. Avoid having the following four types of intrusive interstitials in your website:

  • Pop-ups covering the main content
  • Having the main content under the above-the-fold portion
  • Pop-ups covering the entire web page that immediately appears after search on search engines
  • The main content hidden by interstitials 
  1. Not including key elements in typography:

The key elements of typography are line length, typeface, leading, fonts and kerning. A mobile user loves visiting the site with easy to read typography. Ask your hired professional provider to of SEO Services in Dallas to include all the key elements of typography.

  1. Not being careful to touch elements:

You should be extra careful with the touch elements if your business site has interactive elements like surveys quizzes, buttons and checkboxes. Use the large touch buttons to be sure about your visitor is clicking the right touch element. In addition, you can use a distinct color for all touch elements.

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