Ask your hired SEO Company in Bangalore solve these 5 technical issues

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With the advancement of time, many changes have taken in Search Engine Optimization. However, most of businesses and marketers still think traditional SEO is valuable in fetching traffic from search engines and some technical issues that uphold a site ranking are prevalent.

By getting rid of them, you can make a strong online presence for your business site and lead the field. I know it is hard for you, as you have on sound practical knowledge. Therefore, ask your hired SEO Company in Bangalore to help you in solving the common issues: The issues are as follows:

  1. Page speed:

Always keep in mind that a user loves visiting the site that gets loaded soon. Here you need to keep your site loading speed moderate. The loading speed should not be too fast or too slow. With the support of your hired firm of SEO Services in Bangalore, you can find out what to do for keeping the page speed moderate.

  1. Mobile friendliness:

The time has changed a lot in last 5 years. These days, most of the people use handheld devices (Smartphone and tablet) for making searches on the Internet. The number of searches conducted on handheld devices has crossed the one conducted on computers (desktop and laptop). Therefore, it is essential for a business site to be friendly to handheld devices. Ask your SEO Company in Bangalore to make your business site mobile friendly.

  1. Duplicate content:

Some of you use the same content on different pages/sites for a particular product/service. Some take content from anywhere else and place on the site by making some changes. The use of such content is not good for business site. With your hired firm of SEO Services in Bangalore, place only original, relevant and engaging content on web pages and use the same for optimization.

  1. Header response:

Header response codes are very crucial technical issues. Make sure that working pages are returning to the correct search engine codes even if you have no technical knowledge. Take the support of an expert in this regard and solve the issues if there are.

  1. XML Sitemap:

XML Sitemaps supports Google and other search engines to comprehend your site and fetch out all its content. Ask your hired SEO Company in Bangalore not to include unimportant pages. Take the support of relevant tools to generate XML sitemaps.


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