3 Essential Tools Used By New York Website Design Company

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Each year, new design tools take entry in to website design industry. With the entrance of new tools, the website designing tasks get more exciting for designers and design agency. The things that are thought as essentials like static mockups are no longer important. There is a difference between the title designer and developer. Collaboration between these two is crucial. Here are top three tools that are used by most of designers across the world:

  • Affinity:

Specially made as a tool for web and graphic design, Affinity is known as the biggest competition of Photoshop. A large number of features such as option to have non-destructive layers make this app a good choice for a project of Web Design New York. With this option, the designers are able to make the required adjustments on images and vectors without any risk of damage to them.

  • Avocode:

As a frontend developer, New York Website Design Company finds help in coding a website while applying Photoshop or Sketch design. With this, synchronization the PSD via Photoshop gets easier and convenient for website designers. A single click helps to view the design turn into UI.

  • Pixate:

Designed for making interactive and intuitive prototypes for two operating systems – iOS and Android, this application is the preferred tool for most projects of Web Design New York. Its interaction panel and an animation done via simple drop and drag technique make it stand out other website design tools. With its interactive panel, the designers have numerous options to change a static element into an interactive one.

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