10 Do’s and Don’ts for a Responsive Web Design Sydney

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In today’s world, responsive website design is a must for each firm. However, most of you do not get it right. Getting a responsive design for your website is similar to creating a miniature version for it and the scope gets expanded beyond cutting site corners. That is why you should look for a good Web Design Company in Australia. Here are 5 do’s and 5 don’ts that you must follow:

  • 5 Do’s of a Responsive Website Design:
  1. Ask your hired agency for web design for designing the mobile website with all features at first. Later on, ask for other devices like desktop, tablet, notebook and laptop.
  2. Create the designs that are friendly to users. Your website should give a seamless experience to the users.
  3. Ask the Web Design Company Sydney to create the designs in accordance with the principles of robust design.
  4. Keep the design simple so that your site can be loaded soon. The design should be the one that gets loaded fast on mobile.
  5. Keep the font large, as small fonts on mobile are tough to read.
  • 5 Don’ts of Responsive Website design:
  1. Do not make your website designs live until you test it. With the support of your hired Web Design Company Australia, test it with all its features and browse the site on different browsers.
  2. Do not design the pages with no or little aesthetic value. Your purpose should be to offer web friendly experience to the users.
  3. Do not place navigation and buttons adjacent. Keep enough distance between buttons.
  4. Do not overdo. Take a fresh look at the design to make it free from clutter, crisp and clear.
  5. Do not be too fashionable in website design. Focus on the end-user and think about the design as a user point of view.

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